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Sifa Docks Bar

The design of this bar is very versatile and lends itself to be used in many environments. The two tier sections come with a stainless steel lower level and a Classic Italian Marble second tier. The Cash counter has a light grey laminate top with fixed shelving below.  

1 x 150cm Low level cash counter with tray slide

1 x 45 degree Two tier internal corner bar

1 x 45 degree Two tier external corner bar

RRP: £7,402.00 + VAT

Sale Price: £1,650.00 + VAT

Sifa Skinner Bar

A contemporary style bar. Ideal for a restaurant or small coffee shop. This counter comes with glossy black fascia, stainless steel worktop and red glazed second tier.

1 x 150cm Two tier bar

2 x End panels

RRP: £2,726.00 + VAT

Sale Price: £1,818.00 + VAT

Sifa Spring Bar

Minimalist bar. Ideal for a small coffee shop or restaurant. These counters come with an orange fascia which can be changed to a colour or effect of your choice if requested. 

1 x 100cm Two tier bar

1 x 100cm Low level cash counter

2 x End panels

RRP: £2,435.00 + VAT

Sale Price: £999.00 + VAT

Sifa Vega Counter

Vega is Sifa's premium range of butchery display cabinets.

These three sections come with a vibrant red fascia and black bump strips attached.

1 x 100cm Wet heat bain marie serve over

1 x Refrigerated 45 degree corner serve over

1 x 200cm Refrigerated serve over

2 x Insulated Glass end panels

RRP: £17,995.00 + VAT

Sale Price: £11,536.00 + VAT

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